Happy January!


Hi there beauties! It’s been a little while, my birthday, plus the holidays kept me busy, but I’m not going to bore you with that new year, new me bullshit. I do hope you all had a great holiday season. I do try keep up with a lot of you on Instagram, just a little easier to keep in touch there since I’m not always in front of my computer.


Over the holidays I got some makeup goodies from Urban Decay, Tarte Cosmetics, and Smashbox, and a mini perfume set by Juice Couture (which smells awesome!). All items I would have never purchased myself, but so far pleasantly surprised how great all of these products are. It’s one of those things where you would of never gotten it for yourself BUT someone got it for you and you’re like damn thank you, this is some great makeup!


The first item I used was the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics – All Matte All Naked. Such a great matte palette! I had no desire to pick this up when I saw it come out, boy how wrong I was. I use it everyday since I’ve gotten it. It doesn’t look like it would be highly pigmented but it is.. I think that’s what deceived me. I would look at it like meh, until I tried it. It’s soft and velvety in texture, slight fall out but not too bad. These shadow are a great base to build up a great look with other shadows.


Next up is Tarte high-performance naturals Goddess Glow Highlighter. I’ve had great luck with Tarte highlighters but again was on the fence about picking this one up. I happen to get this as a gift and omg so pretty! I love the stamped design, almost to the point of not wanting to use it. lol The packaging is pretty, I’m not a huge fan of the plastic case, it can stick when I’m trying to open it. Whaddya gonna do?! The highlighter itself is light and shimmery, totally buildable.


Lastly, Smashbox Shadow + Light Palette set. It’s very small but cute, I’m planning to either use for travel or just pop it in my purse for touch ups for on the go. It’s a great little set, I’m looking forward to using it soon. I haven’t had a moment to try it out yet but take a look for yourself.


If you have used any of these products please share you’re thoughts below in the comments! I always love hearing what you guys think! ❤

So much Love for K-beauty


Happy Weekend everyone! I wanted to do a quick post on Peripera CuShion Tint Pang in Red Swaggy. The image above is from the site where you can purchase this awesome lip tint, clubclio.com. On their site it will run you $18, however Amazon has the same lip tint for $12 from the very same company. I’ve always had a love for Korean beauty products, they’re so unique and inventive in my opinion. The image above shows the tint as a very bright red, I had a different experience with this product. Check out my pictures below:


The tint looked sort of a fuchsia/cherry shade. I still love it and it actually matches my skin tone perfectly. It goes on like liquid velvet, I love the cushion applicator. A couple clicks like you would with a mechanical pencil and you control how much of the product comes out. You can see in my video below:


It’s very easy to apply and so pretty! 💋 Thanks for reading! 💋

Disney World in November


Hello everyone! I was away for almost 10 days in sunny Florida. It’s funny when I left New Jersey it wasn’t too cold yet, maybe 60’s, but when I got back it was about 40 degrees. Ugh… so I’m ready to head back to Florida! lol This will be a long post so grab a cuppa coffee or tea, tuck in, come along on our vacation.


I did drive down with the family in tow, if you’re driving down from the East Coast, New York/New Jersey area and looking for a safe/comfortable pit stop hotel try the Comfort Inn, in Florence, South Carolina. Friendly staff, clean, comfortable rooms, and a quick free breakfast in the morning. The drive was about 10hrs long. 😳 Which seems like a lot and guess what… it is! Thank goodness for iPads and tablets to keep the kids occupied. There’s handful of ideas on pinterest to keep kids occupied in the car, if you’re into that stuff, go nuts! Me, not so much… I want to pack light and keep the kids entertained. I loaded the tablets with Dog Man & Captain Underpants Books. (I highly recommend these books btw, they’e very silly and you’re kids will be cracking up while reading. These books really do help kids get into reading more.)


I was very lucky to be able to go down to Florida, the stars had alined. I found an amazing deal through RCI (it’s a vacation exchange network), $229 for a week at the Wyndham Cypress Palms was a huge score, plus from November 4th to the 11th, my kids school had off all week. Btw, Wyndham Cypress Palms 👌, comfortable, clean, and not far from Disney. Everything we needed for the week. Plus they had cute Siamese kitties running around the property! ❤️ I wish I had gotten a picture of them but every time I saw one I was on my way to the pool with no camera in hand.

Photos of the hotel below:




Finally, Disney World! We did spend a few days there besides visiting grandparents. Our first stop was Disney Springs, aka Downtown Disney.  If you haven’t been to that area in a while it has changed so much. For the better I might add. Some of the favorites are still there, like Rainforest Cafe, Basin, Ghirardelli’s, the Lego Store. However a lot has been changed, it’s very nice to walk around and take in when it’s not overly crowded, which good luck going when it’s not. With the new parking garages it’s only a slight improvement, cause guess what?! They’re still always full when I show up. lol




My bath bomb purchase from Basin:


We went to the Magic Kingdom on a Monday in hopes of less crowds… lol There’s always crowds! However, we got there at opening time and managed to hit up 3 rides before 9am, which is a first. The lines aren’t long when you first arrive, thankfully. So if you’re deciding on fastpass+ times, sometimes it’s not necessary to pick morning slots if that makes sense since you may have the opportunity to only wait on a 10-15min line for a ride. However totally get a fastpass+ for the Seven Dwarf Mine Train as I waited on a 75min line. Unfortunately there were no fastpass+ available for this ride for us.  😓 We’ve never been on that particular ride, it’s always an extremely long line in the past when we’ve gone. My son and I said let’s just do the wait and finally try the ride.




I recommend downloading the “My Disney Experience” mobile app and linking it to your Disney Go account, magic bands, or scan your park tickets. It will give you the latest wait times for rides and character meet & greets for each park. Plus you can easily set up your fastpass+, photos, make dinner reservations, park info, and so on.

Wednesday, we had gone to Animal Kingdom, again, same logic, hoping to be less crowds mid-week. Um, nope. For kinda an off-peak time there were still a ton of people, plus coughing kiddos. 😪 Because fall.


The plan was to check out the new area in the park, Pandora. Didn’t even get a chance to walk through it. The park was mobbed by 11am, it was hot, everyone was over Animal Kingdom and looking forward to pool time instead. We did go on A Bug’s Life, Dinosaur, Expedition Everest, Kali River Rapids, Primeval Whirl (which is a terrible ride, you and your kids will get bumped around too much, it actually hurts), and TriceraTop Spin.




We also went to Rafiki’s planet watch right before we left. We brushed some goats at the petting zoo area and did a meet & greet with Rafiki. 🙂 The person who played Rafiki was very good, being silly with my boys, they ate it up.




At the end of the day the kid’s were all smile at that’s always the goal.


The last day at Disney World we went to Epcot, which is still one of my favorites out of all the parks. It’s definitely the more adultish of all the parks. Epcot had their Food & Wine festival going on. So it smelt awesome pretty much everywhere… one day I’ll partake.




We arrived about 15mins early and had to sit by the fountain until it opened. People with the extra magic hour were let in. However, while sitting there, Epcot provided the crowd with some entertainment, a few guys going nuts on the drums to hype up everyone for a good day is a nice way to start the morning. I was starving since I skipped breakfast, after a ride on Spaceship Earth I b-lined to the Starbucks and bought a coffee and a special Epcot 35 cupcake. It was sooooo good!

When you extra af! Eating your Epcot cupcake in front of Spaceship Earth!

We were able to jump on the Figment ride, that’s what we call it but it’s Journey into Imagination w/Figment. With no lines, so we went on a couple times in a row. 🙂


I had asked a cast member at Epcot about the Frozen ride. It’s new to us as every time we visit Epcot the line is crazy long. So I had asked when does the ride open? She said it opens when the World’s Showcase opens, which is 11am… wrong. It had been opened since 9am. The line was a 45min wait at 10am, Ugh.. I had rushed over there once I noticed the long wait time on the Disney app. Thankfully the line moved relatively fast and it didn’t feel like such a long wait. We went to the Anna & Elsa meet & greet right after.




My oldest son was soooo shy! He wouldn’t look or talk to Anna & Elsa. lol He was so cute though! He told me he played it cool even though he felt shy. ❤ He was more easy going when we snapped a pic with Pluto… my youngest had no idea what the heck was going on and just happy to be included. 😛


We had gone back to the hotel for small break and then headed back to Epcot to eat at Rose & Crown Pub for dinner. They sat us right on the water so we stayed to watch  IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth show. If you’ve never seen the show, it’s fireworks and a laser light show right in the World Showcase Lagoon. It is so awesome but very short.


So that’s it! That’s how I ended my vacation at Disney World… we had one day to do a little shopping at those’s questionable knock off Disney gift stores in Orlando. We also packed and took it easy before the big drive home. All in all a stellar vacation! ❤ Thanks for reading! 😀

Huda Beauty Lip Contour Set


Happy Sunday! Kind of a lazy day today, rainy, we’re all planning to stay home and make rice krispy treats. 🙂 I have some spare time to write a review about Huda Beauty’s Lip Contour Set. First let me say I love the brand Huda Beauty… Such a high quality brand and worth every expensive penny. Their eyeshadow palette are to die for, love them. This is my first experience with their lip products. Anyways it wasn’t too expensive for the 2 mini liquid mattes & pencil, it will run you $20-25 depending where you pick it up. It’s a nice set if you’re unsure of what the turn out might be. You don’t need to spend so much just to try it out for the first time.


On the back of the packaging there’s a guide to show you how to apply sort of an ombre look. However, I tried, it all kind of looked like the same shade. 😛 I’m sure some of you can nail it better than moi.

huda-beauty-huda-beauty-lipjpgBelow you can see how it looks on me… it basically looks like the same shade not ombre. Also for me the shade seems to have turned out more reddish than a wine color. I still think it looks awesome regardless, also the liquid mattes have sort of a vanilla frosting scent/taste to them, which I find pleasing.


It is a liquid matte so it takes a few moments to dry and not smudge. It does have a long lasting effect and won’t rub off too easily. There are so many liquid matte’s that feel yucky on my lips, Huda’s liquid mattes are decent, it doesn’t bother me like others and I feel comfortable wearing it for a few hours. 😀

Thanks for reading! xx

Nightmare before Christmas Nails


Happy Weekend peeps! Halloween is a few days away! I’m excited… I decided to go with The Nightmare before Christmas themed nails. Cute right? I’ve gotten so many compliments on them and best part, they cost me only $8 and 10 minutes of my time.


Really, you say?

I’m all about doing things the easy way and also on the hunt for a great deal. If you’re anything like me you know how pricey going to the nail salon is. You want the cute design for your nails but it’s not cheap. I found these very nice but affordable false nails on amazon.


Since there was so much interest I figured I’d share with you how to get them. They’re super easy to apply, however use your own favorite nail glue since most of the bad reviews were based on the glue that came with the nails. I’ve had them on for over 24hrs and they’re still holding up!

Nightmare before Christmas nails by Jennifer Baker @jenb_beautiful (instagram)

You still have time to get them before Halloween if you have Amazon Prime shipping! 🙂

It’s all about the Red’s: Fall & Winter


Hey, hey!! We’re in the thick of fall, Halloween is next week, most of the leaves have changed to those gorgeous reds, yellows, and oranges, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, unless you’re Canadian you’ve already had that delicious turkey. 😉 Fall and winter are some of the best seasons for makeup. It’s time to break out those reds am I right?


I’ve broken out of my shell just a smidgen, I’ve began to wear more red toned lippies. Nails no problem I’m all over it but I do get shy when it comes to red lips… why is that?
Anyways that’s neither here nor there let’s start off with nails. These are a variety of reds that have really stood out to me. Credit to each of these stunning photos are listed underneath (when possible) and highly recommend following them. Click on the imagine to get your hands on any of these beauties.

The Nails

Essie She’s Pampered photo from pshiiit.com

OPI Nail Polish Big Apple Red

Essie Luxedo photo by @alexandrasview_ (instagram)

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 3.51.22 PM

Zoya Blair Photo from alluringmum.blogspot.com/

The Lips

NYX Deep Red Liner Pencil & Stawberry Daiquiri Photo by @anissatosh (instagram)

Revlon Black Cherry

Maybellini Divine Wine Photo by @gulfbeauty

Burt’s Bees Redwood Forest Matte

Reds are what woo during these seasons! Pair these tones with your favorite comfy sweater and warm beverage. What’s your favorite red? Hope you liked my picks! ❤

Guess who’s back… back again!


You guys! Omgeeee… I’ve missed you all! This is my first post since a year and a half ago. I know, I know… I’m shitty for leaving my site and worst of all you guys behind. You know sometimes life changes and I had to take a much needed siesta from the blogging world. I was burned out, I finished up some schooling, had surgery (I’ll tell you later), I sold my home, moved to different state, (closer to my hometown, hooray!). However some of you have stayed in touch with me!! I’m so lucky and grateful for that, while others have drifted away and completely understand. I’ve been using my Instagram account more as instablogger account for all of my beauty finds in the meantime, luckily with great success too.


(my happy dance, plus an excuse to add a random cheesy 80’s workout gif)

I look forward to diving right back in… I have so much makeup stockpiled! I recommend visiting my Instagram account @jenb_beautiful to see what I’ve been getting into. Plus I recently post my Cheshire Cat Halloween makeup.



Well I’m going to wrap this up. I would love to hear from you all, please post a comment below. 🙂